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We all need a little guidance from time to time. Our concierge Victoria is here to share her advice, encouragement and stories to help you achieve true happiness through physical exploration.
Whether you're here to learn more about yourself, enhance your relationship, or push the boundaries, Victoria will guide you through the process, one step at a time.
Without making direct contact, SONA 2’s new generation of sonic waves offers fast yet gentle clitoral stimulation

LELO Sona 2

£69.99 £89.00
Rocks-Off Oriel Wand Vibrator

Rocks-Off Oriel Wand Vibrator

£39.99 £49.99
Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator - textured tunnel

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

£47.99 £59.99
Lelo Soraya 2 Rabbit Vibrator

Lelo Soraya 2

£159.00 £199.00
Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator

Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator

£39.99 £44.99
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If you like the idea of getting paid to party then you’ll love our new Good Vibes Parties! Invite your friends around, have some fun and play with sex toys all night.
We provide our Tantalize Me Good Vibes Party hosts with all the tools needed to get started. Whether this will be a side hustle or your full time business, we’ll be there for you. Drop us a line for more information.
What are TantalizeMe gift boxes?
Our gift boxes are a great way to explore your desires, treat your partner, and update your collection.
We offer two types of gift box; collection boxes and subscription boxes.
Collection boxes
A hand-picked selection of our favourite toys, books and wellness products to give you loads of variety. Or you can build your own. We have a range of boxes to suit gals, guys, neither and both.
Subscription boxes
Can you never get enough? Then our subscription box might be for you. Receive a new hand-picked box of goodies on your doorstep every month (or every quarter). The subscription works out cheaper than buying the products separately. Cancel or pause any time.
Our discretion is guaranteed
Whether you sign up for a subscription, buy yourself a little indulgence, or treat someone to a gift, your order will be treated with complete discretion from payment to delivery. So even if you have nosy neighbours, they’re not going to have anything to gossip about.
Making some quality time: How to make your date nights sparkle
Good evening. When was the last time you enjoyed an amazing date night? Does it feel like forever? Has your relationship slipped into a routine? Does it need a little pizzaz? Date nights are important for