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Want an orgasm? Try these newly named sex positions for women

Victoria Scott09 June 2021

Good evening, Have you ever found yourself enjoying a particular position or technique during sex, but not known what to call it? Have you ever wanted to try it again, but struggled to communicate with your partner what you want? In her recent academic study, sex scholar Dr Devon Hensel has given names to some of the most popular techniques and positions that are known to increase women’s enjoyment of penetrative sex. It’s telling that although sex research has existed for over 100 years, these techniques have never before been given a name. This may be because researchers have generally...

The Secret Ménage à moi: How to Masturbate in a Shared House

Victoria Scott10 February 2021

Good Evening, Lockdown means we’re all spending more time at home, and some of us have housemates with whom we don’t necessarily want to share our most intimate activities. Have you cut down on your masturbation time because you’re stuck in a shared house or flat? Are you looking for tips that will make your me-time more enjoyable without the whole house finding out? Today I’m sharing my advice on how to masturbate in a shared house so you don’t have to miss out. Absolutely Never Feel Awkward or Embarrassed Masturbating is a completely natural activity that’s medically proven to...