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Love in Lockdown: Your Guide to Virtual Sex

Victoria Scott18 January 2021

Good evening, Lockdown has presented a huge challenge to intimate relationships. Are you struggling to make time for intimacy with your live-in partner? Have you been exploring the world of virtual dating? Or have you been forced to choose between moving in with someone and going long-distance? Whatever your situation, it’s definitely not what you had planned. But just because we’re in lockdown, it doesn’t mean our sex lives have to be too. Unfortunately, it is common to experience a lower sex drive when we’re under a lot of stress and anxiety. So it is no surprise that people in...

It’s a Kind of Magic: Why the Wand Vibrator is Such a Wizard

Victoria Scott26 October 2020

Good evening, sensation-seekers! The wand vibrator - also commonly known as the Magic Wand - is one of the most iconic sex toys on the market. Today I’m going to explore why it’s such a popular bedroom accessory, and how it has helped women all over the world to unlock new levels of pleasure through clitoral stimulation. What is a wand vibrator? It’s a wand-shaped toy that’s designed to stimulate the clitoris with vibration. Powered either by mains electricity or batteries, it contains a motor that causes the rounded head to vibrate in just the right way to excite the...