Adult Subscription Boxes

Victoria Scott - 24 July 2020

Adult Toy Subscriptions Boxes - Ever wondered what the real benefits are and why they have become so popular?

Allow us to enlighten you....

As you’ll be well aware from your visits to the Tantalize Me website, we’re rather pleased with our adult toy subscription boxes currently on sale. And we hope you are too; after all we’re genuinely committed to providing you with the best monthly sex subscription boxes out there.

While many of our customers may be well used to subscription boxes, we understand there may be some who have never come across the concept before. In which case, fear not: read on to learn more about them.

The subscription box concept has been embraced by many around the world. When you think of the explosion in popularity of video streaming services like Netflix, or audio services such as Spotify – subscription services in their own right – you can see how people have taken to them like the proverbial duck to water. We’re also seeing the likes of major consumer goods companies launching their very own subscription services: consumer goods giant Proctor & Gamble have their own ‘Gillette on Demand’ offering, for instance.

It’s no wonder then that while the subscription e-commerce sector was reckoned to be worth $57 million in 2011, five years later it had shot up to $2.6 billion. Furthermore, according to renowned management consultancy McKinsey, there is further growth still expected in the years to come. This view is shared by another heavyweight consultancy player, Gartner, who predict that in three years’ time, three quarters of companies selling directly to consumers will offer subscription services. In other words, subscription boxes ain’t no marketing fad that will disappear anytime soon.

When newcomers read or hear the buzz around subscriptions boxes, the first question often asked is ‘What exactly is a subscription box?’ Following closely is ‘Why are they so popular?’ Let’s answer them in the same order.

Subscription boxes come in all sort of shapes, sizes, prices and frequencies. Regarding the latter, our boxes arrive to your doorstep on a monthly or quarterly basis, whereas if you’re subscribed to a food delivery service that provides you with meal ingredients, you’ll very probably be receiving your consignment on a weekly or fortnightly basis. It really is horses for courses. This also explains why (in general) three types of subscription services exist: replenishment, access, and curation.

Replenishment subscriptions are largely focused on commodity items; disposable nappies or razor blades (Dollar Shave Club, for instance is a very good example of this) for example. Access subscriptions refer to monthly payments for discounted prices or other perks for staples like clothing or food. And then there are curation subscriptions, which offer more desirable products and/or personalised experiences. Clothes, beauty products – and in our case, sex toys and adult pleasure products – and such like are prime examples. Perhaps unsurprisingly, curation subscriptions are the largest (by a considerable margin) of the three subscription types.

So why are subscription boxes so popular among consumers? There’s a good few reasons in fact. Firstly, as everything is online there’s no need to have to leave your armchair – or your bed – to get them. Make the necessary clicks on your laptop or mobile and hey presto, your box will be on its way. In these Covid19 times, when the physical retail experience is anything but pleasurable when having to wear a mask in shops, this is a big factor on its own. And perish the thought if you were trying to find several products rather than just one, while getting all hot and bothered in the store. That doesn’t sound like fun to us: you neither?

Then there’s the time factor. You’ll be saving a ton of it by having a number of great products already gathered for you, not to mention the effort involved in finding them all individually. That’s right: no more fussing about with online shopping carts or baskets!

There’s also another big issue which weighs heavily on people’s decision making abilities: the problem of choice. Gone are the days when it was a struggle to find quality sex toys and pleasure products: in fact we’re now drowning in them (which makes for a bemusing mental image!). What this presents however is a danger that in the face of such a huge variety of products, and with what feels like more time-constraints in our lives than ever before, consumers feel overburdened by choice and overloaded with information. Consequently, they just walk away without purchasing anything at all and often feeling more frustrated and unhappier than when starting their online shopping trip.

Subscription boxes such as ours remove that problem for you completely. We do the heavy lifting in terms of research and work with industry experts to decide what items of sufficient quality make it into the boxes you’ll receive, so you don’t have to. You’re not only saving time, but getting your products handpicked by experts to ensure you not only receive the best value but quality too. How good is that?!

So far, so logical. All the factors above have been for the most part fairly grounded. But we’re emotional, experiential creatures, not least when we’re in the sex toy marketplace.

Remember your last birthday or Christmas. Think back to when you first saw those lovely wrapped boxes or unusually wrapped packages. Can you recollect the excitement, the anticipation, mounting up as you picked it up and started unwrapping it? You wondered what on earth it could be. It could be something that you had asked for. Or it could be something that a knowing lover, friend, or relative has found which they know will be a guaranteed hit with you. All in all that heady mix of excitement, anticipation, unpredictability and surprise makes for quite the emotional and chemical cocktail surging through your fair self.

Now add to the equation the not unimportant fact that the contents of our adult toy subscription boxes will have you indulging in all sorts of naughty and thoroughly deserved escapades which will have you grabbing the bedsheets, uncontrollably rolling your eyes upwards, and leaving you weak at the knees. Between you and me, that all adds up to one heck of a good time.

But there is more.

You see, we’re firm advocates of spreading one’s wings. Life would be a tad boring if it was the same old, same old, no matter how enjoyable those familiar frolics are. And what’s wrong with a wee nudge to test the waters? Hence another hugely important aspect of subscribing to curated sex toy box services like ours: you get exposed (if that’s the right word) to new products that you otherwise may not have seen or were initially unsure about. With date night and premium box options available all with sub categories for ladies & gents, lady couples, male couples, solo players and the kinky, we have got the perfect opportunity for everyone to try out some new things. Who knows: we may be the catalyst for you exploring a whole new indulgence and taking it to an equally whole new level.

All in all, we’re not surprised by the popularity of subscription boxes in general, never mind with specific reference to sex toys and adult pleasure products. It’s something which is going to grow and grow. But in no way does that mean we’re sitting on our laurels: heck no. We’re working hard in several respects: not only ensuring that the appropriate products are selected in the first place, but that the right mix of items are included in your box. That’s not just a quality issue (we absolutely guarantee no cheap ‘tat’ in any of our lovely subscription boxes) but a quantity issue too. While having too many products in a box initially seems not a bad thing, experience in the subscription box sector tells a different story. Subscribers can become overburdened, feel pressured, and consequently decide to cancel. That’s not a recipe for a long and fruitful relationship. And believe us when we say that’s what we want with you.

Furthermore, you’re also guaranteed not to receive identical items in subsequent boxes. On top of that, if you’re uber-organised and want to give us a heads-up of the items you already have, you can do! Simply email us with further details and this will be used accordingly to ensure you receive the sort of items we think you’ll really enjoy and don’t already own. We’ve got you covered.

In short, as the popularity of subscription boxes is set to grow further still across the board, here at Tantalize Me we’re equally excited about the potential to provide you with the best subscription boxes for the discerningly debauched. And we’d love for you to take us up on our offers and see for yourself what the buzz is all about – perhaps quite literally!

Boxing clever? We like to think so. Boxing sexily too.

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