Good Vibe: Improve your well-being with sex toy parties

Victoria Scott - 15 July 2021

Good evening,

Would you comfortably talk to your friends about your sex life? It can seem scary, weird and awkward especially as we’ve never really been taught how to openly talk about sex. You might think talking about sex is shameful or should be kept to yourself.

But today I want to challenge those thoughts! As the act of sharing sexual details with your close friendship circle can be really beneficial to your sexual well-being. The fact is there is little information out there about sexual pleasure, and there is only so much you can google. It is only when we share with others that we learn new things, normalise interests and dispel any myths you think are true.

That is why one of my life goals is to help break down the taboo around sex and get everyone openly talking about it to their friends! Not only is it proven to maintain stronger friendships but it offers us the emotional support we need, and encourages us to think about sex more positively. Afterall, intimacy is not just about sex, but pleasure and communication as well.

One way to start open conversations amongst friends is at sex toy parties, they provide a safe environment to talk, and are an all round great laugh.

Today I will give you an insight on what to expect if you’re hoping to attend a sex toy party, as well as tips if you want to host a party or are thinking of becoming a sex toy consultant.

Tantalize Me Good Vibes Parties

What happens at a sex toy party?

Sex toy parties, Passion parties or Pleasure parties, however you like to label them (I personally like to call ours Good Vibe parties) are a great way to gather your friends and start talking about the intimate details of your life.

If you haven’t attended one before your imagination might run wild wondering what goes on behind closed doors. There is a huge misconception that these sexy toy parties are for kinky people only, so it is easy to feel intimidated by the idea of attending one.

But it shouldn’t be that way, these parties are for everyone and they always put your comfort first by creating a judgement free zone. You’re never expected to test the toys in person at the event; instead you get a chance to learn and discuss them with friends. You can usually expect a sex toy party to involve:

  • A judgement free zone
  • A great food selection (hopefully all penis shaped)
  • Lots of tasty drinks and laughter
  • Icebreaker games to get you relaxed
  • A trained consultant showing a selection of sex toys where you can ask any questions
  • A place to freely discuss and ask questions about sex and the toys
  • The opportunity to purchase sex toys afterwards!

You can read other people’s experiences and takeaways of being invited to a sex toy party or even being the host of one.

Tantalize Me Good Vibes Parties

Tantalize me sex toy parties

If you’re thinking of becoming a sex toy consultant and hosting your own parties, it can be a fruitful career move. We offer Good Vibe party packages which give you full time support on your journey to becoming a Tantalize Me, good vibes consultant. It comes with a lot of commission and discount perks too.

You can expect to learn about a selection of our favourite toys designed by lead award winning brands: Lelo, Rocks-Off, Je Joue, Satisfyer and Wicked. It is a great opportunity for those who also believe in breaking down the taboos (whilst getting paid!).

Tantalize Me Good Vibes Parties

Sex toy parties tips

The idea of hosting your own sex toy party might seem daunting at first thought. But it is actually a lot of fun and let’s you put on your creative hat! I’ve provided a guide below of some points that you might want to consider whilst planning a party.

Tantalize Me Good Vibes Parties
  1. Create a comfortable space

    This is from the people you decide to invite, to the place where you choose to host your party. Make sure you and your potential guests would feel comfortable - if that is an online party or at someone's home, if it is all female or mixed.

    You also need to consider if the party is part of a bigger celebration, as they can be a fun activity at hen dos or birthdays. This might affect how you approach a party theme.

    Tantalize Me Good Vibes Parties
  2. Pick a theme

    Having a party theme can set you apart from other events, and also help get more people excited. This might be dependent on the occasion you might be celebrating alongside it! If you're struggling here is a list of themes, our favourites are turning the party into a cosy pamper night, or a fancy cocktail party theme can be a great excuse to get dressed up! The sky really is the limit.

    To go the extra mile, maybe think about creating a personalised playlist that will compliment your theme really well, or take a look on Spotify for pre-existing playlists. Cheeky songs can act as a great ice breaker.

    Tantalize Me Good Vibes Parties
  3. Cheeky cuisine (cocktails and food)

    Nothing sparks a sex toy party like an array of erotic themed snacks, I’m talking about penis shaped cookies and suggestively positioned fruits.

    You could even host a potluck party and ask your guests to each bring a suggestive shaped snack. If you’re looking for inspiration take a look at these naughty cocktails and this list of innuendo foods. Not forgetting, these instagrammable edible willies from the peen cuisine queen herself.

    There are other cuisine options of course, but I always find that a suggestive snack can really break the ice.

    Tantalize Me Good Vibes Parties
  4. Ice breakers

    The key to a successful sex toy party are the ice breakers. We’ve never been taught how to talk about sex so it doesn’t always come easy. Before the conversation can get flowing everyone needs to feel like they’re with friends in a safe judgement free zone. One of the best ways to do this is to introduce x-rated icebreakers. They're guaranteed to banish any awkwardness left lingering in the air whilst being a whole lot of fun.

    You can choose hilarious adult board games or be a bit more creative with sex themed games, some of my favourite icebreakers are:
    1. Drinking games

      Never have I ever is a great example of a fun drinking game to get conversation flowing. Someone reads out a ‘I never’ statement such as ‘I never owned a vibrator’. If you have owned a vibrator you then have to drink. If you’re stuck on thinking of a statement you can use this list.

    2. Re-invent your favourite games, but make it sexy

      You can swap beer pong for prosecco pong, or musical chairs for pass the vibrator, to playing Pictionary with only sex related prompts! And if you really want to think out of the box, try a game of real life Cluedo, but instead of Professor Plum in the kitchen with a candlestick, it’s your Good Vibe consultant in the bedroom with a dildo!

    3. Introduce a competition

      If you have competitive friends it might be worth introducing a competition, you could sell raffle tickets to win a prize on the night, or competitive races such as Condom Queens.

Tantalize Me Good Vibes Parties

Have fun!

The last ingredient to a successful sex toy party is to have fun! It’s a great way to bond with friends and learn new things! If you’ve got any tips of your own for a successful sex toy party, do get in touch. I’d love to hear about your experiences.


Victoria xoxo

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