Keeping your Sex Life Fresh with your Partner During Self-isolation

Tom Bailey - 23 March 2020

Does this COVID-19 pandemic have you feeling down? Have no fear. We’re here with some safe, fun, and quarantine-approved tips to get you and your partner up--in spirit, and definitely in the bedroom. 

If you’re one of the many people sheltering in place with a lover, consider how very lucky you are, and celebrate your fortune by using this time together to reconnect, both physically and emotionally. Keep reading for our top recommendations on how to spice up your sex life during lockdown.

Change up the Time and Place

First things first: sometimes the solution to a stagnant sex life is just a matter of time and place.  Try the oldest trick in the book and think about simply switching up the when and where of your sex to add some variety to love-making. (Or, if you’re looking for much kinkier options to keep your bedroom boredom at bay, keep on scrolling!)

Don’t Wait Until Evening - If you’re on lockdown, then your office is, at most, a few rooms away, and there’s no rush to get out the door to avoid morning traffic. Why not make your mornings as sexy as the night before and wake up with a bang? Even better, surprise your partner with a romp when they’re not expecting it, like when she’s getting out of the shower or when he’s cooking lunch. 

Get Out of Bed - We all like a nice change of scenery, but for many quarantined at home right now, that’s just not possible. But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that your sex needs to be stuck in bed. Try going for a quickie in the shower or riding your partner on her work chair. What about the kitchen? Living room? Roof? Now’s the time to get creative. 

Change Your Perspective - If you’re really seeking a new point of view, try having sex with your partner in front of the mirror. Watching yourselves is one of the sexiest ways to turn on. Try setting up a chair in front of the mirror and sitting open-legged behind your partner. Stimulate her clitoris or his penis with your hands or a toy and you can both watch as you reach orgasm. 

Try New Sex Positions

One of the simplest and most exhilirating ways to freshen up your quarantine sex is to try new sex positions. Have you been wanting to try the wheelbarrow or reverse cowgirl? Now’s your time--and you’ve got nothing but time! 

Don’t let these weeks pass by without figuring out at least a few new positions to add to your sexual repertoire. Better yet, try a new one each day to keep things extra spicy. Keep scrolling to peruse our very own list of pandemic positions: lover tested and lover approved!

The Corona Corkscrew - Pop open a bottle and try this sexy new position at home. Get into position: Lie near the edge of a bed or couch, facing out, and resting on the hip and forearm of one side. Have your partner stand next to the bed and straddle you with one leg, keeping the other leg on the ground. 

Turn up the temperature: Keep your legs pressed together to keep a tighter hold as your partner thrusts. You can also try moving your hips to match your partner’s tempo. 

The Lockdown Leapfrog - Forget sanitizing wipes! This modified doggy-style position will give you the deep clean you’ve been wanting. 

Get into position: Get on your hands and knees and lower your head to the bed while keeping your hips raised.

Turn up the temperature: Use your hands to play with yourself while your partner penetrates you.

The Masked Mountain - Whether you choose to try this position with or without face masks is up to you, but we happen to think they’re kind of kinky. 

Get into position: Both you and your partner sit facing each other with your legs in front of you, bent at the knees, feet on the bed, leaning back on your hands or forearms. Inch closer to each other until your legs are bent and straddling one anothers’ and you make contact.

Turn up the temperature: Try moving in further and grinding your clitoris against your partner’s pelvis.

Slow Things Down

Sometimes, all it takes to freshen up things in the bedroom is to slow them down. Try making time to reconnect with your partner in body and mind, and enhance the intimacy that is sometimes forgotten during the hustle and bustle of life.

Just Kiss - Sometimes lovers in long-term relationships forget how intimate and sexy it is to just kiss! Beyond building anticipation, kissing is an important bonding exercise. See what happens when you and your partner decide to kiss--and only kiss--for 20 minutes. Agree that no matter how hot it gets, you won’t move off first base. Set a timer on your phone and have at it!

Give Each Other a Massage - Especially with the anxiety that many people are feeling during this time of crisis, massage is a great way to offer your partner some moments of relaxation, attention, and sexy bodily touch. If you’re sheltering in place and limited to ingredients you can find in your pantry, try using coconut oil for a soothing scent. But don’t forget that many oils are not condom-safe, and degrade the latex in condoms, causing them to break. Please remember to play safely!

Try Playing with New Toys

If you had fun slowing things down in the bedroom, wait until you try turning it up! Check out our exclusive list of fun new sex toys and collection boxes to keep you and your partner busy for quite some time… in fact, we fear that your sex life will get so spicy you won’t want to leave the house even after the quarantine does finally end. 

Couples’ Toys

LELO Tiani 3 - Experience entirely new orgasms with this world-famous, remote-controlled couples’ massager. Its two arms vibrate both internally and externally and bend any which way, making it a very versatile bedroom companion. It also includes LELO’s famous SenseMotion technology which allows your partner (or you!) to operate the remote control wirelessly with the flick of a wrist for hands-free pleasure.

His and Hers Pleasure Box - What better time than now to explore your wildest inhibitions as a couple and embark on a few weeks of explosive, connected love-making? Check out this tantalizing couples’ sex toy box, featuring with the Satisfyer Partner Multifunction 1 vibrator, Truly Yours’s vibrator, bullet, and vibrating cock ring, sexy dice game, and Wicked’s high-quality water-based lubricant. 

Cock Rings

LELO Tor 2 - If you’ve never played with a cock ring before, then it’s time to buckle in. This vibrating cock ring from LELO features six pleasure settings and is 100% waterproof so you can play wherever you please. 


Handcuffs - If you’re feeling ready to try something hot and fresh, why not incorporate a little bondage into your bedroom play? Meet your inner dominatrix or his inner sub as you play around with new roles and bind each other using these sexy cowhide handcuffs by Edge. If this is your first time trying bondage play, don’t forget to come up with a safe word. 

Ankle Cuffs - If you were just starting to heat up with handcuffs, wait until you try some ankle restraints! We love these ankle cuffs by Edge, because they’re easily adjustable and padded for comfort. The removable tether chain and D-rings enable multi-position creative play to keep your partner guessing.


Is all of this talk of bondage making you want to explore other inhibitions and fantasies? Try playing around with sexy personas or create an entirely new alter ego! For example, if you typically take charge in the bedroom, try being submissive. If you’re always had a crush on your professor, try acting out a fantasy with your partner. Make sure you both feel safe and comfortable, and then dive into discovering new roles and scenes to play out together--it’s bound to keep you busy for quite a while. 

Play Sex Games

If all this talk of role-play is making you curious about other games you and your lover can play together, look no further! Keep scrolling for a list of fun and sexy games that will keep you busy once you bore of Scrabble.

Sexy Show and Tell - Under your partner’s watchful eye, use your own hand to show them where you want to be touched and how. Then have your partner touch you there for two minutes before picking a new spot. It becomes harder and harder not to devolve into voracious love-making, but stay strong and you’ll find that you're both incredibly turned on. 

Blind Oral - Do you both like a little surprise? Well, collect a scarf and get ready for a game of blind oral: the game where everyone wins. Blindfold your partner before performing oral sex to put their other senses on high alert and watch them writhe with anticipation.

Saved by the Bell - Talk about anticipation! With this game, you will set a timer for 30 minutes and start touching--but here’s the hitch: no touches can fall anywhere that would be covered by a bathing suit. Continue playing this way until the timer goes off, and then have at it!

Stay Safe Out There!

We here at Tantalize Me know that this Covid-19 pandemic is very serious, and we are certainly treating it that way; but we hope that you can use this time to reconnect with your lover, and we hope that this article can bring you a few smiles while also giving you some lockdown-safe ideas for spicing up your sex life while self-isolating. Remember: fun, exploratory sex is a great stress-reducer!

Of course, remember to play safe, wash your hands before and after playing, and have fun!  

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