Sexy Valentines Gifts for Him & Her in 2021

Victoria Scott - 04 March 2020

sexy valentines gifts


With the New Year behind us, you might be feeling the excitement as the days get longer and our calendars turn to the second and most romantic month of the year. You might also be wondering what you’re going to do to make your kitty roar on the sexiest day of the year, which is quickly approaching.

Well, look no further! In support of lusting lovers and sexy singles everywhere, we’ve compiled your must-have list of sexy Valentine’s Day gifts for men and women. Whether you’re shopping for a romantic homebody, kinky temptress, or your sexy self, this list has dozens of options for you to choose from that are sure to spark some romance and make your Valentine’s Day of 2021 delightfully unforgettable.

Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Whoever said that men don’t crave a bit of raunchy romance on Valentine’s Day? Scroll through to see this year’s hot-list of gift ideas that will leave your man begging for Valentine’s Day to come around more than once a year.

Gents Couples Gift Box

Nothing screams sexy like Tantalize Me’s collection from leading sex toy brands Colt and Rocks-Off. Prepare for lift-off with this couple’s gift box, that will deliver you and your special gentleman into an endless evening of wildly erotic and explosive fun. With a premium quality butt plug, ball gag, straps, restraints, anal gel, and HEX condoms, this box provides the perfect additions to any male pleasure play kit.

Valentine’s Gift Box

Ignite an evening of pleasure and romance with Tantalize Me’s special Valentine's gift box. Including reusable red rose petals, massage candles, premium play toys for him and her, and sexy restraints, this gift will keep you and your partner up all night, seducing each other until the sun comes up.

Luxe Kinky Gift Box

Crafted specially for the kinkiest man in your life, Tantalize Me’s bondage gift box will kick your Valentine’s Day sex into high gear with its deluxe collection of restraints and gags from premium sex toy brand, Edge. Make sure your lover opens up this erotic gift at home, because once he does, you won’t be able to wait to tie each other up and act out your wildest fantasies.


Gent’s Solo Pleasure Gift Box

Celebrate your single self this Valentine’s Day with a night of exquisite climaxes brought to you by this erotic gift box designed for solo male pleasure. With products from the world’s best-selling male pleasure brand Fleshlight, as well as the ultimate prostate stimulator by Rocks-Off, treat yourself to your sexiest Valentine’s Day yet, as you dive into the depths of solo pleasure like you’ve never experienced before.


Kinky Couples Gift Box

There’s no better way to celebrate your naughtiness than with this kinky gift box for men and women curated to help you and your lover reach your wildest heights of pleasure. With a collection of premium sex toys from leading play toy brands Satisfyer, Rocks-Off and Wicked, these gifts are sure to whet your sexual appetites and deliver you into your most memorable Valentine’s Day yet.

Naughty Weekend Gift Box

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, you’ll have a full weekend to keep the holiday fun alive with this exquisite collection of naughty and tantalizing gifts. Make sure you’ve ordered room service, because between the vibrator, ball gag, and sexy dice game, you won’t be leaving your hotel room anytime soon.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Give the gift of pleasure that’s perfect for those long-distance relationships or the nights you spend away from him. Make sure he’s strapped in and ready for take-off because Fleshlight’s best-selling male sex toy is quite a turbulent adventure! The Flight and Sensation Pilot made from sleek body-safe materials and Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin sleeve will deliver your man into a texture and suction so realistic he’ll swear he’s flying with you as his co-pilot.

Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Her

If you think women are hard to shop for on Valentine’s day, it’s only because you haven’t yet seen our list of classic, sexy, and romantic gift ideas that are sure to make your honey melt. Check out our must-see list for tons of Valentine’s gift ideas that will help you celebrate your lady and her timeless sensuality.

Queer Women’s Gift Box

Tantalize Me Lady Couples Box

Make your kitten purr with the ultimate gift box for women. Containing the full spectrum of toys for women who love to climax, you won’t know which to use first. Including a strapless rabbit, wand, bullet, and gel from the industry’s leading female sexy toy brands, this gift box will leave you and your lady fully prepared for your most tantalizing and orgasmic Valentine’s Day yet.

Seraphine Lingerie Gift Box

What better way to celebrate the most sensual day of the year than with the gift of lingerie so seductive you won’t know whether to dress her up or tear it off? Containing massage oil and six stunning jet-black pieces from the premium lingerie designer Coco De Mer, this lingerie gift box is sure to ignite the fires of your romance and keep those embers burning all night long.

Lady’s Solo Pleasure Gift Box

Who says you need a partner to get off on Valentine’s Day? Treat yourself to a night of solo pleasure with Tantalize Me’s solo pleasure box for women. Featuring five erotic play toys from award-winning brands like Rocks-Off and Satisfyer, this lady's solo box has everything a woman needs to express and fulfill her deepest desires. Celebrate yourself on the sexiest day of the year by giving yourself the gift of one mind-blowing orgasm after another.

What I Love about You: Fill-in-the Blank Journal

Sometimes there’s nothing sexier than the thoughtfulness that comes with a gift customized specifically for your lover. This romantic and affordable fill-in-the-blank journal allows you to give your honey a truly one-of-a-kind gift that she can reread and treasure forever.

Sofia Lingerie Gift Box

Coco-de-Mer Sofia Gift Box

Celebrate the sensuality of your lover’s body with the lingerie gift box that will deliver you and your partner into an evening of steamy, erotic fun. Featuring multiple British silk and French lace pieces from chic lingerie brands Sofia and Coco de Mer, as well as a sexy sash restraint and rose massage oil, you’ll be dressing her up and then stripping her down as you play the night away.

Luxe Couples Gift Box

There’s no better aphrodisiac than opening a gift box that contains the most stimulating sex toys on the planet. Featuring four pleasure toys from the award-winning sex toy brand LELO, as well as deluxe lubricant and an erotic book filled with jaw-dropping photography, you and your partner will embark on an all-night journey of tantalizing and connected love-making.

Love Language: The Card Game

Whether you’re long-time lovers or just heating up, this intimate card game is a great stand-alone gift or a thoughtful addition to a sexy gift box. Rediscover your connection and deepen the intimacy of your foreplay with the game of relationship questions that will ignite your love and keep it burning.

Kinky Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Tantalize Me Kinky Gift Box

Curated specifically for those naughty couples that seek love with a little bite, this Kinky Valentine’s Day gift box will deliver all the moans, groans, and yelps you’ve been aching for. Featuring a heart-shaped paddle, ball gag, sexy dice game, bed and body restraints, and a collar with nipple clamps, this gift box has it all, and is the perfect addition to any kinky couple’s S&M treasure chest.

The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Has all this talk of pleasure made you yearn for another Valentine’s Day already? If you’re the kind of partner that seeks to surprise your lover by celebrating your relationship more than once a year, there’s no better way to keep the romance alive than with one of Tantalize Me’s subscription boxes. With both monthly and quarterly subscription options, these surprise gift boxes ensure that the sexual escapades you began on Valentine’s Day will continue year-round!

Kinky Quarterly Subscription

Perfect for the naughty couples that want to experience an endless supply of the best toys the BDSM world has to offer, this kinky subscription box features quarterly surprises that will satisfy even the most daring, exotic and wild couples among us.

Female Couples Monthly Subscription

What’s better than a monthly delivery of the world’s most popular female play products from the industry’s leading sexy toy manufacturers, LELO and Satisfyer? Keep the excitement of Valentine’s day alive all year long as you indulge in your deepest orgasmic fun with the deluxe monthly subscription box for women. With free UK shipping and discreet, eco-friendly packaging, you’ll be thrilled to begin each month on a high note.

Gents Couples Monthly Subscription

Featuring the best products from award-winning male brands such as Rocks-Off, COLT, and Fleshlight, this male pleasure monthly subscription box guarantees to deliver you and your special gent into hours of tantalizing and erotic fun that will keep you busy until your next delivery arrives!

Whether you’re flying solo or with a partner this year, this list will prepare you to celebrate your sexiest and most unforgettable Valentine’s Day yet. Play safe and have fun!

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