What matters to Tantalize Me?

Why does Tantalize Me exist? What is our role? What do we hope to achieve both now and in the future? What values do we hold dearly? Read on.

Whether you’ve been following us on social media or you’ve been reading our blog posts, you’ll know we’re a friendly bunch that sell luxury adult pleasure products but without the pretentiousness that other brands seem to consider a necessity. And not to put too fine a point on it, we think our way is best. In other words, we’re all about affordable luxury without the attitude. Or put another way, sophistication with a smile.

At the same time, we’re also completely aware that when our discerning customers choose to buy premium products to improve their most intimate moments it’s important they feel reassured and that they’re dealing with the right chaps.

And we couldn’t be happier to oblige.

We’d love you to understand more about why we’re here, what we’re in this for and why satisfying you – our valued customers and suppliers – matters so much to us.

The Tantalize Me Mission

Tantalize Me has a clear mission: helping discerning individuals and couples in the United Kingdom enjoy their intimate moments even more by selling high quality adult pleasure products. This is further enabled by providing our customers with informative, educational and entertaining content that encourages them further in their sexual open-mindedness, expression and joie de vivre.

The Tantalize Me Vision

Our mission statement is one thing, and very much for the here and now. But what about the future of Tantalize Me? What do we want to see further down the line? That’s easy. We want to be firmly established - and equally recognised - as a successful, reputable supplier of the most aspirational, high quality adult pleasure products that our discerning customer base look for and deserve.

As a trusted partner on their own unique journeys, we also want our customers to reach new heights of satisfaction.

Values Held by Tantalize Me

While we’d like to think that our website, social media, and personal interactions give you a good idea as to the things we embrace as a company, we’re happy to highlight these and elaborate further.

  • Luxury. Tantalize Me has a clear focus on serving discerning customers through selling only premium products.

  • Honesty. We’ll be clear and transparent in all aspects of our business, who we are – and equally who we’re not.

  • Trust. Closely aligned with honesty, to us trust is crucial between ourselves, our customers and our suppliers. In this sector, it counts for a lot. We don’t take it for granted and we never will.

  • Quality. We’re sticklers for quality. This is reflected in the website, the product range available for sale and the packaging of your prized purchases.

  • Value. With quality comes value. The majority of people may assume value merely equates to price. They’d be wrong. The concept of value is much wider, encompassing physical, emotional, and psychological contexts and more. A future blog post, perhaps?

These are the things that matter to us. But our discerning clientele also have their own set of standards that as a company we should be upholding. Customers need to feel we’re trustworthy. They require professionalism and discretion from us. They want to feel they can rely on us at all times, and be a source of valued information: whether it’s product information or other content on the website.

In short, you can expect Tantalize Me to function with the best of intents and with a genuine desire to see our customers satisfied at all times. We aim to provide our customers with exceptional levels of customer service, delivered with a smile. Likewise, we are committed to forging strong, enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with our chosen suppliers from around the world.