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We’re on a mission to promote healthy sex lives and encourage people to talk more about pleasure! We believe sex toy parties can help break down the taboos around sexual health and wellbeing, whilst being a fun experience.

What are sex toy parties?

Tantalize Me Sex Toy Parties

Sex toy parties are often perceived to be tailored for kinky people only - but this is definitely not the case! They are actually an educational experience designed to empower all adults. They create a safe space to learn about adult toys, and encourage people to ask questions about sexual wellbeing.

Sex toy parties always put comfort first. The beauty is that you can invite a consultant to the comfort of your home, surrounded by your closest friends. No one is ever expected to test the toys in person at the event; instead they have the option to discreetly purchase them at the end.

They are also a lot of fun! It can be a great excuse to get a group of good friends together, drink some wine and laugh in a 100% judgement-free zone. This makes them the perfect addition to all sorts of events, including (but not limited to):

  • birthdays
  • girls’ nights out
  • wine clubs
  • divorce parties
  • hen dos
  • fancy dress parties
  • celebrations
  • just for fun!

Although they usually take place in an all-female environment, that doesn’t mean they can’t be arranged for couple-specific nights with partners. The possibilities are endless!

Going virtual?

Sex toy parties can happen in-person or as a virtual meet up. If you want to try hosting a virtual Good Vibes party instead of in-person, we recommend hosting the parties on Google Meet or Facebook group rooms. Zoom can also be used, but there is a limit of 40 minutes on a free account. Twitch is a good alternative - on this platform only the sex toy consultant is visible, but there is a chat room for guests to ask questions.

You should always pick the option that makes you and your guests feel the most comfortable. All of our packages are suitable for both in-person and virtual parties.

Tantalize Me Sex Toy Parties

Fancy being a host?

Whether you’re a professional party planner or have never hosted a party in your life, with our detailed digital info pack, there is no experience required to become one of our hosts.

But being a sex toy consultant comes with a lot of perks! As well as joining our mission to promote positive sexual wellbeing, you will get 25% commission on all product sales site-wide, a personal 25% discount code for personal use and Even better - if you sell a subscription box you will get recurring commissions every time a box is sent out!

There is also the option to purchase the party package now and pay later with Klarna Pay.

We’ll be announcing a rewards program for revenue generated in the near future.


So what are the perks?

  • Receive 25% Commission on all sales
  • Personal training video call
  • Full time support
  • Flexible working hours
  • A fun way to socialise
  • Rewards program for revenue generated
  • Repeat commission on subscription boxes
  • Wine & cheese hamper with first party
  • A fun additional revenue stream
  • An excuse to party post-lockdown
  • 25% personal discount
  • Purchase party package now & pay later with Klarna Pay

Our packages

We’ve thought about everything so you don’t have to - and we will discuss our package options with you over the phone to ensure that we find the perfect match for you.

We’ve made sure that all of our favourite toys, designed by lead award winning brands, are included in every option: Lelo, Rocks-Off, Je Joue, Satisfyer and Wicked.

All of our packages include a digital pack with videos and information on each toy. The packs are so thorough that you don’t need to worry about having any prior hosting experience. You’ll have everything you need, from templates for business cards and invites to order forms and game ideas.

All of our packages have a classy, boutique feel to them, so of course we’ve included wine and cheese to help get the party started!

Sex Toy Parties on Tantalize Me

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